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Order easy a taxi in just a few clicks. Ride price calculated in advance!

Order a cab in a few clicks. You will always recieve a fixed price!

Booking a cab for Leiden can be done in a few simple stept:

Step 1: Enter your pickup address and destination
Step 2: Choose the number of persons and the vehicle type
Step 3: Calculate the price and choose your travel date
Step 4: Fill in your details
Step 5: Payment options (cash, ATM card or credit card) for the ride

Step 6: Receive a confirmation and wait for the X-taxi to arrive

Have a lovely ride!


Why X-taxi?

When you order a taxi via the X-taxi app you will see the predetermined price. This price is based on the number of kilometers and the time of the ride. The predetermined price is always the same regardless of traffic, time or other factors! You can sit back and rely on a comfortable taxi ride for a competitive price. You will arrive safely and quickly at your destination.


✓ Always a taxi with you on your smartphone.
✓ See what you ride will cost. That price is fixed!
✓ Immediately see when the taxi will arrive.
✓ Cash payment options, ATM or credit card in the taxi.
✓ Invoice in your email and no hassles with receipts.



Via the X-taxi app you can directly order a taxi, but you can also book the ride forward with the app. In the app you can select how many people there are. You can order a taxi for up to 8 people. You can also choose the fixed rate Leiden <> Schiphol Schiphol for
just €42.50.

The X-taxi app is available for iOS and Android smartphone and tablet.





Download X-Taxi App

Always a taxi at hand ... Download the App for free and book easily your ride!

Download X-Taxi Leiden
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Get the price immediately

The app calculates immediately
the price of the ride. No surprises.

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Our taxi's have all the comfort requirements for our guest.

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Our professional drivers know their way around.


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E-mail in general info@xtaxi.nl

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E-mail administration administratie@xtaxi.nl

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