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Taxi Leiden Schiphol

Taxi Schiphol

It is possible to book transportation to Schiphol or to be picked up at the airport. This will save you a lot of trouble, otherwise you will have to carry all the suitcases yourself. Let us help you with the transport to and from the airport!


Low prices

With us you always have a low rate for the transportation to and from Schiphol. This fixed rate is of course much easier than a ticker, you now know precisely what you spend for the ride. In this way, you will never pay too much for the ride, this can be quite a lot. We pick you up at Schiphol, we do this always on time. By using our Schiphol taxi you have that tiny bit of convenience on the go, this is always nice to have. Book a taxi with us, and never pay too much anymore for your ride. You’ll know in advance what the rate is. This is also the case for the airport.

You can order a taxi for a low price at the site or via the phone or with the app. It does not matter where you contact us, the rate is always the same.


Experienced driver

Our driver is always able to make your ride just a little better. We understand very well that you are looking for a driver who will always be on time, our drivers are on time over and over again. They know exactly the route to get to the destination quickly, as a result, you don’t have to be afraid that you will be too late. You are there always on time, within minutes, he is right there for you. So, you never have to rush when flying.

In addition, our taxi Central also has met all requirements for the transport. This is now required in Netherlands, we have all of the certificates that you need as a taxi company. For transport to the airport you’re always at the right place with us.

With us you know so sure it will be excellent quality ride. With the experienced drivers and the licenses, you have much more certainty that you will be at your destination on time. You will need transportation but do you really not too late then you have come to the right place. Book a ride here via the site, we will make sure we are on time!


Our Schiphol pick-up service

You have ordered a taxi to take you somewhere, but where can you find our cab then? It is helpful if you note your number when booking. After all, a few minutes after landing you will get in contact with our employees. Your driver will be waiting for you at the departure halls. If you have your luggage, you can take the escalator up and walk to the nearest door. Each door has a letter. Contact your driver that takes you to find out which place this exactly is.


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