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Never wait for a taxi again with X-taxi

The transportation from door to door is often made possible by the use of cabs. This is way more expensive than the public transportation and way cheaper than a ‘car with a driver’. The cab picks you up and take you to the place you need to be. Lovely!

Only it is such a shame that you have to wait for a long time for the cab to arrive, especially during busy hours. The chance always exist that you will miss an important meeting or the beginning of a movie or play


The advantages of using our app

  • Cabs from any location, with or without Wi-Fi;
  • The price is immediately known. No hidden surprises;
  • In the app you see exactly where the taxi is and what time he arrives;
  • Direct contact with the driver of the taxi;
  • No address? No problem! The app also recognizes stations, hotels, restaurants etc.;
  • Card payments;
  • Your Bill comes in the mail. No discomfort from lost or incorrect completed receipts;
  • The ability to ride through the app to assess and parts;
  • Available for iOS and Android.


Begin the day with a fresh start

Don’t wait any longer and download this app this instant! It won’t cost you much time and it will save you a lot of trouble. X-taxi is always ready for you and your customers right at the front door. That is the reason you take the cab, right? At our place, the customer is always king!


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Get the price immediately

The app calculates immediately
the price of the ride. No surprises.

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Safe from A to B

Our taxi's have all the comfort requirements for our guest.

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Licensed drivers

Our professional drivers know their way around.


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