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Extra service for your client

We offer the possibility to make sure that your clients will never be late again! How is this possible? Maybe you are asking this to yourself. Simple! By using our new app or client dashboard the cabs will never be late again. The cab will also be just in time on busy days of the week or in the weekend!


One step before the others

We now offer the chance to be better than your competitors. Let your clients profit from this excellent service! You can count on it that people will talk about it. Downloading the app is really simple, besides that it is fully free. With this you can book a cab for your visitors. You can also use the client dashboard from X-Cab. The appreciation that will be received is vast!


X-Taxi Dashboard

An online booking page for your company, with the press on one button you can order a cab and make reservations. Booking the ride will go straight into our planning program. The dashboard gives clear information of all the rides and a few minutes before departure you can trace the cab on the map. Ride history is fully transparent. The booked rides can be changed without the need to call our company.


Make an end to the endless row of sad faces at the reception

Picture this, never any more sad faces at the desk from the people who are waiting for their cab. You are the one that they will turn to when the miss an appointment or when the cab was once late again.


Begin the day with a fresh start

Don’t wait any longer and download this app this instant! You can always contact us through the X Cab Dashboard. It won’t cost you much time and it will save you a lot of trouble. X cab is always ready for you and your customers right at the front door. That is the reason you take the cab, right? At our place, the customer is always king!

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Always a taxi at hand ... Download the App for free and book easily your ride!

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